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“Project MQ”

In the northeastern corner of Costa Rica, an area called Medio Queso (half Cheese) consist of an undeveloped area of hundreds of acres of government land. Squatters (people with nowhere else to live) started to move into this area, with hopes and dreams to have farmland and a place to call home.

Missionaries John and Bessie Ott working with Camp Casi Cielo stumbled over this humble village in 2014 while getting acquainted with Miguel (a lay pastor), and seeking the needs of such poor people. “Nowhere have I seen a group of people, most with little or no education, living without electric, sanitary water, or health care, with houses built of sticks, black plastic, and palm branches, tied together with string.” Listening to their dreams, knowing the most important decision in someone’s life is to have God’s love, their dream of a church was born.

As they were grubbing their way through life (with seasonal work and essentially living off the land) in steps Christ with the greatest gift possible, a purpose, and a promise. CCC hand in hand with Christ and the people at Medio Queso are developing “their dream”. Now that the government is promising “Land to anyone who wants to work it”, more and more people are coming to, these thousands of acres, known as Medio Queso.

The government only took eight years to begin the process of land development. Infrastructure, roads, water, and electric were started in 2017. When the decision was made to build them a large building to be used, first as a church, second as a community meeting place, God’s plan had begun!

Once the building was somewhat built-in 2015, a well was drilled, along with a tower and tank, freshwater was there for the taking, and what a blessing that was. The construction continued under a roof that kept out most of the sunshine and rain and church services began on Sunday morning and Thursday nights, which was the primary goal of this project.

In 2016 a small Kitchen building was started. Another needed facility to bring the people together; almost as important as the church, and now in early 2018 the kitchen building has ceramic tile, doors, windows, and electric!

God is surely beaming on all those who have made this project a reality for many who live in Medio Queso. Surely His happiness is aroused by those that come to church, with a place to fellowship and learn about their neighbor’s needs. All the small stories of how God’s love has sunk into the hearts of so many; Not just the receivers of this blessing, but the givers too. Those who worked in the HOT, dry, wet difficulties of building in the unfertile red soil at Medio Queso, which is now becoming a fertile land for God’s Love to grow. Having the eternal effects which are placed in the hearts of so many, Givers and Receivers.

OH! This project isn’t finished yet, we lack the details and finishing touches that will make this dream a reality. We’re only halfway there. If you wish to join in on the blessings, giving financially, or joining a team, the need is truly in Medio Queso. We have a place for you, with the assurances of blessings beyond your dreams.


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